Our friend and jungle babe, Marianna Jamadi, Creative Director of @elcaminotravel, picked up the Lagoon Lattice Mara Hoffman suitfrom Coast By Coast for her recent trip to Kauai. Shot by @cookwilltravel.



ART // Zaria Forman

... a contemplation of water, exploring the duality of the life-giving and destructive ocean.

September 10th - October 17th, 2015

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York, is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with artist, Zaria Forman. Featuring intricate pastel drawings of ice and water in its various, shifting states, SLIP presents a meditation on the role of climate change on Earth’s most common element.

These stunning, large-scale drawings made from photographs of polar and tropical lands combine sublime romanticism, social consciousness, and modern abstraction. Forman documented the melting icebergs in Greenland, as well as the rising sea levels that threaten the island nation of the Maldives. Other drawings feature glaciers of Antarctica and beaches of Hawaii. With these works, Forman not only gives visual access to far-off places, but also renders the concept of climate change visually understandable and emotionally compelling. Avoiding any heavy-handed moralism, Forman instead suggests a contemplation of water, exploring the duality of the life-giving and destructive ocean. More

Photos via Winston Wachter



JOURNAL // Protect Our Coast


The mission of the #CrudeAwakening is to protect our coast from future oil spills.

The California legislature has already taken three critical steps towards achieving that goal, thanks in part to your work. A trio of important bills (SB414, AB864 and SB295) that will improve pipeline safety related to offshore oil and gas production and enhance our ability to respond to oil spills have passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

  • Senate Bill 414 would improve oil spill response off our coast
  • Assembly Bill 864 would require oil companies to use “best available technology” on their pipelines
  • Senate Bill 295 would improve requirements for pipeline inspection

Now, they’re on their way for a full floor vote—the last step before going to Gov. Brown’s desk to become law. While a fourth bill (SB788) that would have stopped new oil drilling along our coast was unfortunately killed in committee, we’re excited to keep pushing the remaining three bills forward to become law

But we need your continued help. Take action now and voice your support for safer energy production along our fragile coastline. Please encourage your friends to do the same.

Our friends at The Environmental Defense Center and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper are leading the way locally, and Surfrider Foundation is working statewide and nationally on this important issue. We support their efforts.

via Patagonia



INSPIRATION // Longboard Rider Ishtar Buckland

"We are so used to hearing that you have to work hard that you can’t just dream all the time. You know, that old way of thinking. And it’s not true anymore because we just keep proving it wrong by succeeding in what we believe in." 

Ishtar X Tussilago is a short film by Maceo Frost starring downhill longboard rider Ishtar Backlund in the epic mountains of Norway. Combined with a magical soundtrack from Swedish rock band Tussilago, the film is a glimpse into the profound feeling of believing in yourself and living one’s greatest dreams.

Director: Maceo Frost
DoP: Max Larsson / Maceo Frost
Producer: Fred Thustrup
Skate cam: Kim Hansson / Sammy Hasselberg
Editing and Grade: Maceo Frost
Illustrator: Su-Jin Nam
Sound: Jorge Olivares / AT THE LAB STUDIO
Production company: NUET

Soundtrack: Tussilago - Waltz

Ishtar Bäcklund
Caroline Boström
Kim Hansson
Sammy Hasselberg
Sander Hasselberg